he National Investment Company of Cameroon (SNI), a public capital company with the State as sole shareholder, aims to mobilize and direct national savings and any other national and international financial means. In view of its multiple facets, the SNI positions itself in the Cameroonian environment as:  a company which supports all the strategies and policies of the Cameroonian government in economic, industrial and social matters, but whose operating rules are those of a anonimous society. In addition, it is subject to common law obligations; a venture capital company which takes equity stakes in new or existing companies with good commercial and financial prospects; a promoter  of productive projects  who initiates projects, studies them, sets them up as a joint venture with previously identified technical, financial or commercial, national or international partners; a financier who provides support for economically viable and financially profitable projects by granting loans and/or shareholder current account advances; an  instrument of support for the private sector and a facilitator which welcomes and supports investors, technical and financial partners who request it, in the implementation of their projects.


The National Investment Company intends to position itself as the reference in wealth creation for the economic development of Cameroon.

It is with this in mind that in recent years it has undertaken a vast process of relaunching, diversifying and modernizing its activities. This process, initiated in September 2003, was consolidated by the development of the SNI Business Plan for the period 2005-2010. It is a management instrument intended to guide all the company’s actions over a period of five (05) years and ultimately aimed at positioning SNI at the heart of all investment activities in Cameroon.

To boost this new founding momentum, a strong option was taken in favor of the redefinition of the corporate identity of the SNI which resulted in the reprofiling of a new Visual Identity consistent with:  the entrepreneurial vision of the SNI, which is that of “positioning itself as the reference in terms of wealth creation for the economic development of Cameroon”; to the statutory mission of the SNI, namely: “to promote  high-yield productive investment operations  in all sectors of national and international economic activity”.

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